Mindful experiences with our
heart-centered wellness practitioners

Each member of our second-floor collective knows what it means to be a BUSY AF human craving time to rest and reset. These Cincinnati healers, helpers, and coaches bring a unique, and approachable, perspective on health, habits, and WHOLEistic wellness that can help you do more than just "survive" and actually thrive through whatever life brings with ease, joy, and alignment.

Kindred Flow
Yoga + Wellness

Yoga Studio

Kindred Flow Yoga + Wellness is a warm and welcoming community studio for busy, modern families that celebrates the ancient wisdom of yoga in uniting body, mind, and spirit through movement and breath. Our teaching collective offers a variety of tones, classes, and styles through weekly classes, special events, workshops, and other opportunities to deepen your practice, knowledge, and relationship with yourself.

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All Cheri’s
Intriguing Crystals

Crystal and Spiritual Healing

Autumn McKinley is a champion of self-love and self-awareness, as well as a Crystal Educator, Intuitive Guide, and Crystal Jewelry maker. Autumn believes that each crystal is like a chapter in Earth’s vibrant story. Through her 1-1 sessions and empowering group events, she will support you in uncovering their metaphysical secrets and unique connections to you - resulting in a life that feels more supported, aligned, and connected.

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Infinite Breath
Yoga Therapy

Holistic Wellness AND Coaching

Yoga Therapist Lauren Albarella, offers 1-on-1 Yoga Therapy sessions featuring movement, mindfulness, and meditation layered together based on your individual needs and situation. Yoga Therapy can help ease many challenging chronic conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, postpartum recovery, bowel disorders, chronic fatigue, and more. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a more experienced practitioner, the therapeutic Yoga Practices you will learn are empowering and evolve as you need them to.

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Kale and Cake Wellness

Holistic Wellness and Coaching

Lindsey Bonadonna, is an encourager, optimist, Certified Health + Life Coach, yoga teacher, and owner of be. She deeply believes in exploring the interconnectectness of ALL aspects of their life and health. She helps clients get curious and cultivate simple, sustainable, fun-size habits that create a meaningful impact on the individual, their loved ones, and the world, for generations to come.

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Michele Luck Tarot, Reiki, and Sound Healing Practitioner

Holistic Wellness AND coaching

Michele is a gifted empath who provides healing energy for body, mind, and spirit through Reiki Sessions, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, and Intuitive Tarot Readings. She shares intuitive insight during her sessions to help you identify patterns of thinking and behavior; shining a light of awareness upon your feelings, thoughts, and motivations to help you heal and navigate life’s unknowns. 

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X2 Wealth Planning + Expansive CEO

Holistic Financial Planning and coaching

Hannah Chapman is a heart-centered Money Coach and Financial Planner that brings order to the confusion and chaos of business and personal finances as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Money Coach with over 17 years of experience in the financial sector. She empowers visionary entrepreneurs to save wisely, spend joyfully, and support generously through tailor-made financial planning, bespoke investment management, and transformational money mindset coaching.

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