We've dedicated ourselves to providing you with a wellness building (and yes, we mean the ENTIRE building) that is all about meeting you where you are. 

We are more than just drool-worthy healthy foods & a beautiful space to gather...

be. is a community hub driven by the mission to help people ditch the hustle, get curious, and prioritize caring for their WHOLE selves.

Behind be.

Hey! I'm Lindsey, founder and proud owner of be.

Be. started as a simple idea: Help Busy AF Humans Nourish Their Whole Body so they can grow their energy and capacity and go create their own unique ripple in the world.

Before my journey into the world of health coaching, I struggled with overcommitting, neglecting self-care, and prioritizing everything (and everyone) else over myself despite knowing I should prioritize self-care.

Prior to diving into health coaching, I was stuck in the overcommitment loop, neglecting self-care, and putting everything and everyone else first—even though I knew I should be putting myself higher on my to-do list.

The lack of prioritizing myself in my own life got me one place, feeling super sick, tired, and a couple autoimmune diseases. I hit bottom and had no choice but to start prioritizing my well-being, and by making one tiny change and simple swap at a time, clarity kicked in, energy levels began to soar, and I started to make some much needed changes, which included flipping my career script from craft beer to becoming a health + life coach and yoga teacher!

I definitely get the struggle of not making it onto your own to-do list, living a life with no time or energy for soul-nourishing meals (let alone experiences) that help you shine as your most vibrant self. I’ve also felt and seen the magic that happens when we slow down, get curious, swap in some more whole foods to help crowd out the more processed ones, drink some water, wander around outside a bit, and celebrate the small wins along the way.

And that's why I created be. and teamed up with an incredible Chef, gathered a whole squad of kind souls to meet you where you’re at, connected with impactful practitioners, and stocked The Market with yummy, nutrient-packed eats, The Studios with nourishing, mindful experiences led by gifted healers and helpers, and created an entire building where you can be yourself and come as you are. We cannot WAIT to have you over and help make nourishing your WHOLE self, body, mind, soul, spirit, and beyond, easier (and more fun)!

You are literally the only one you spend your whole life with, seems kinda silly to think we could ever be at the bottom of our own lists, right?

Meet Our Chef

Katie Rodgers

The Universe, a shared vision, and kindred spirits brought Katie and I together. After hearing about the Soup of the Week Club she started in our community which featured gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options, I knew we had to meet. What began as conversation about featuring her soups at The Market evolved into a culinary partnership that transformed be.

Katie, is a culinary wizard, crafting mind-blowing, anti-inflammatory and allergen-friendly delights. With an impressive background and years of culinary experience working in various National Parks, her passion and expertise shine in every dish. As a loving, adventurous single mom, Katie infuses creativity and love into her colorful creations and leaves guests with fully nourished bellies and beaming smiles.

Our Mission

At be., we envision a world where all humans have the access and privilege to be able to slow down, cultivate curiosity, and nourish their whole selves so that we collectively have the energy and capacity to create our own unique ripples in the world while supporting and encouraging our fellow humans to do the same.

We are an inspiring, amplifying beacon in our community, and are proud to be role models in radically changing the status quo of what it means to live a healthy life. Our space is an opportunity for us and our neighbors to relax, come together, break (gluten-free) bread, and feel inspired and safe to be more authentically ourselves.

Our Core Values


We believe that slowing down and prioritizing connection with yourself and the humans around you is the most important thing you can do. No one should ever have to walk their journey alone or feel like they have to hide what they're really going through. We thrive on real conversations and always sharing what we can with others. 


Curiosity is the most pure and authentic method to learn about each other and the world we live in. When we are curious, we see the humans in front of us for who they are, not as objects to control or convince. We move so fast in our society, we often make judgements without really understanding each other. The more we slow down, the more we give ourselves time to get curious. The better we understand, the more we grow together as humans instead apart.


We can all create unique ripples in the world. When we cultivate the energy, time, and capacity to understand ourselves and one another, these ripples have the opportunity to grow. We become inspired to create our mark on the world, and inspire others to do the same. We are always experimenting with ways to make our lives and processes easier, and we take pride in sharing what we discover. We find joy in creating an environment where we are all reminded how small decisions add up to big energetic shifts and impact. We love finding ease in all we do and seeing how far our ripples can spread. 

How be. became

At first, this was just a crazy "wouldn't it be cool if..." idea

I started teaching yoga at Kindred Flow Yoga + Wellness located on the 2nd floor in Spring of 2021 and in early 2022, moved my coaching business, Kale & Cake Wellness, up there too. We would often all dream about how great it would be if a smoothie shop opened on the 1st floor!

When the downstairs floor opened up, I realized that I was meant to create this community, this whole building experience we have now. I saw what it could become.

So I got to work.

January 1st, 2023, I took over careship of the entire building and the vision began to unfold. 

I was blessed to work with the most amazing people during this process and somehow, they took my vision of creating a space where people could just “be.”, and brought it to life perfectly.

I forged connections with both newfound and long-treasured family and friends, many of whom now share space in The Studios. Along this journey, we danced, laughed, shed tears, and exchanged countless hugs, all while sharing the conviction that the dream of creating a business that honors both personal and shared well-being is indeed possible.

It was meant to be.

Built with big dreams, unconditional love and support, be. finally came to be in June of 2023. The result is all due to this overwhelming desire to change the hustle mindset society has adopted. We wanted to create a space that prioritizes people over to-dos, honors the rhythms of life, encourages connection, and makes nourishing our WHOLE selves easier.

Friends, it's time to drop the hustle, and just be.

We’re a team of moms, teens, and mavericks who believe in challenging the status quo.

We strive to be more of who we authentically are all day, every day, and hope to inspire everyone around us to do the same!

So, come slow down, eat well, get curious, and "be." with us.

We’d love to have you exactly as you are.



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